Saturday, 18 May 2013

Anata. Nuff said.

Tomorrow my review will be for Doom Metal band Invitado De Piedra

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Faceless

Here's another great band, The Faceless. These guys are a Progressive Technical Death Metal band that have some seriously beautiful music! Check em out!
Seriously, they got a fucking Saxophone solo in there!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tech Death Day 4

So I'm hopping you've all heard about the quite unknown gem known as Beyond Creation. Check out their Technical Progressive art!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tech Death day 3

Todays Tech Death song is by the great band Decapitated, and just to think that their drummer Vitek (R.I.P) was only fifteen years old when they recorded this album!

Tech Death Day 2

So Technical Death Metal has to be one of my favourite genres of Metal but one thing annoys me, and that's when people say Progressive Metal and Technical Death Metal are interchangeable. Yes there are plenty of Tech Death bands that are Progressive but just because they are Technical does not mean they are progressive. For example Aeon are a Tech Death/Brutal Death Metal band and have very little if any Progressive elements in their music.
(This song has one of the most brutal screams in existence!)

Tech Death Week

From Today onwards I'll be posting Tech Death and nothing but it, and to kick it off I'll give you one of my personal favourites - 'The Evangelist' by Spawn Of Possession.
When I first listened to this song I was overwhelmed and disliked it but after time the song grew on me. After starting to love the track I would find a new spectacular element to the song.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Der Bernds???

So I am a big fan of some very looked down on bands, for example I'm a fan of Korn. To me Korn is one of those go too teen angst bands that just get out all the frustration out, the lyrics and simplicity are what make it so easy for me to listen to.
This song is the song that has ever invoked enough raw emotion in me to bring me close to tears.

Another band that I listen to that are frowned upon is Five Finger Death Punch, both Korn and FFDP both were bands that helped get me into Metal so my opinion on the two might be far more lop sided. FFDP have only a few bad sides, for example some of their lyrics can be a bit idiotic and 'tough guy' but lyrics aren't what you look for most in music though is it? I think their vocalist Ivan Moody is one of the best Metal vocalists (check out his other work with Motorgrater and Ghost Machine too) I personally see FFDP as the next Metallica.

Their song 'Remember Everything' is very Nickleback-ish too which may make people look down on them.

Job For A Cowboy still sadly get looked down on for their earlier Deathcore work (which I thought wasn't that bad). They have a brilliant straight forward Death Metal sound now that is incredible.

Remember every thing I say is personal opinion and musical taste is subjective.