Monday, 13 May 2013

Aussie Metal

So here in Australia we have some extremely great bands and here are a few.

Destroyer 666

They have a unique sound that is heavily Thrash, Black and Death Metal inspired. They originated in Melbourne around 1994 and relocated to Europe in 2001.

Ne Obliviscaris (a.k.a. NeO)
This is one of Australia's best and most unique bands hailing from Melbourne, they have an extremely melodic sound heavily influenced by Progressive Metal and Black Metal. They formed in 2003, and incorporate a violin into their music and utilize clean and harsh vocals.

Twelve Foot Ninja

This is another Progressive Metal band from Melbourne but they incorporate a far more 'simplistic'  sound then NeO. They don't have the technicality of most other Progressive bands but they gain their unique sound through their simple yet effective Metal and their usage of other genres such as dub, jazz fusion, prog-rock and experimental music. They are definitely worth the listen.


Psycroptic are a Technical Death Metal band from Hobart and formed in 1999. They have toured with Decapitated, Nile, Origin, Misery Index, Incantation and Deicide. They have an extremely technical yet pleasing sound that isn't just pure nonsense.


This is a Death Metal band hailing from my home town Alice Springs and they are definitely an act to watch out for, when they released their album 'Bacteria Of This Earth' it hit #16 on the top metal albums on iTunes. They put on an insane live show and are all round great blokes.

King Parrot

These guys largely play Grindcore but they also incorporate Thrash and Punk into their sound. These guys are another band that put on an insane live show and they invoke fear into you because when they are on stage they turn into animals, especially their vocalist.


Be'lakor are undoubtedly Australia's top Melodic Death Metal band. They are extremely talented and have  a unique sound that can compete with the top Melo Death bands like Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquility and the other kings.

Thy Art Is Murder 

These are one of Australia's top Deathcore bands and they have an awesome sound that Core fans and Metal fans can all appreciate.

I hope you find a band that you like out of this list, enjoy!
Remember to comment, recommend some more Aussie Metal maybe?


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